Monday, November 10, 2008

~born to serve~

hurm.. everybody taken me for granted. they always shows in my front door when they had problem.. when they need something and when they had something for me to help with.. maybe the reason I was taken for granted is bcos i am too nice.. being nice is very hard..They like me bcos I'm nice(am I exergerating?) who cares.. this is my blog.. suke ati la nak ampu dri sndri.. kalo aku x ampu sape lagi nak ampu.. kan?? berbalik pade my original stories.. even my parents pon take me for granted.. they always goes like dis.. "along amik adik kat skolah, pi bank deposit duit mak.. blah blah blah.. and I never says NO.. amazing kan? maybe I am just a goodies in little shoes.. idioms(chuckle) sjak bile ak gune idioms.. and sometimes I just redha.. maybe I am born to serve.. my countries.. ma famille.. mes amis especially..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

this is my first time..

i actually didnt know wat is the purpose of this thing.. just wanna see. where it goes if i just follow the flow..
hurm.. wat 2 say.. i'm just a simple girl.. xde ape2 skill.. merepek ato merapu is not exactly my ways to express my feeling.. i rarely tulis ape2 except for my lecture notes.n i hope it is ok if i rojak my post bcos i have lots 2 learn... n frankly speaking english is not my 1st language as u guys can see. I actually admire one of my friend y mmg sgt so we col " cair" lam speaking.. hihi (die mm tao aku jeles kat die lgpon). and try very hard nak imrpove.. soon...