Saturday, June 5, 2010


It has been ages since my last post... its not that I dont have time to write. but I am too lazy to write. today is the 2nd day of school holiday.. and also the last day I'll be home.. I'll be heading back to Jerteh maybe at 10 which mean I dont have a lot of time lazying around doing nothing. I should at least pack my things ang go take a shower or something. but who cares. I'll take my own sweet time. I actually have nothing to write about other than my stupid Industrial Training story. I am learning a lots of thing at the company I am now and I am supposed to be happy. But the thing is I am sooooo lonely that I am actually talking to the wall. how pathetic is that? huh.. I am a loner??
I better get moving now or else my mom will freak out when she finds out my laundry is still in the machine... Har har...