Thursday, January 7, 2010


how hard must it be?
to raise 7kids without your husband help...
without your husband support..
I might say it is impossible to complete the task..
as a mother..
her tiny body is weak from diabetes..
she just goes on without a single glance to what anybody might say from her failed marriage..
she just endured the pain alone..
and now she lives alone with her youngest son..
maybe not alone..
all of her daughters are away at the moment..
furthering their studies in boarding school
her eldest is in penang( usm) 8hours from her hometown and
her 2nd born is thousand miles away from home furthering her studies in TESL
her 3rd daughter, the crybaby is now in shah alam preparing for the overseas study program in pharmacy
the 4th daughter 5hours drive from home and now is facing SPM in MRSM jasin..
her 5th and 6th daughter are also away in boarding school now studying hard for the sake of their beloved mother.
yang tinggal??
her only son.. the youngest.. in 4th grade in primary school..
some might say.. "senang la kak ani ramai anak perempuan kat rumah x sunyi"
but the truth is she misses her daughter a lot..
she is alone..
I love u mom.. I'll try my best to not dissapoint you in my studies...
I know u r worried about me..
but i can take care of myself..
u can rest peacefully knowing that your eldest is struggling with her study..
someday.. we will be together again..
we will somehow survive this cruel world.. its us against the world!!