Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mom got transfered.. Maybe not the worst case scenario for me but definitely for Acu. Now she got to attend to her nieces and nephew needs too.. har har.. pity her.. Now that I am away, I cant be any help but belive me, as soon as I can take any break from the school I'll come home and be as much help as I can.. I feel guilty because thats my sisters and brother that she needs to take care of. Enough with that story and lets move on to the campus life. It has been hectic since the day I came in from the CNY holiday.. the lab reports, the labs, the assignment that Pak Tuan just assign us with. The busiest week ever but come to think of it, people works best under pressure.. absolutely NO COMPLAINT there... So much to do and so little time...got to go solat and off to the French Class.. AUr Revoir

Saturday, February 20, 2010

call me outdated!!

I've just found this website my sister recomended.. and its fun to use..I love to edit picture and and adobe photoshop is just hard to use.. it is not user friendly and hard to explore it by yourself.. I'm addicted you might say.. haha..these are some picture I have edited using picnik.. and I'm pround of it..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am home!!!!

Now that I'm home I think I miss USM..
I'm BORED..wargh..one of my sister is already off this morning..
I'm disappointed that I missed her.. I've drove fast enough and still don't make it in time..
haha.. Thanks to my grandmother I have already broken all of my backbone helping her clearing all the thick dust in the cellar.. I'm pissed off that I'm arguing with my 3rd sis justnow..
I'm just joking and she doesn't have any humor bone in her body so we end up arguing..
does she need to be that emotional.. taola da breakup... nak marah2 aku knape.. saket2..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home is where your heart is

This post has nothing to do with usm life at all.
just plain I miss home mode..
I miss my grandma..
some might say im just bluffing.. (sape plak y nak rindu nenek tghari bute camni)
Her tongue was sharp and her words make everybody's heart bleed. She was a tyrant, but she was there. We saw our parents only a few times a year since we were kid but as long as I could remember, wan had always been a part of my life. I believed grandmothers lived forever.
Acu salu ckp 'taola your grandma' since forever and I am really annoyed with her since she practically brought us up. She told us what to do, when to do it and it irritated the hell out of me. I often get beaten and chased around our house for not doing the chores she set us up with. Acu and mak are always there to support wan whenever we get scolded and I used to hate them for that.When I remember the way she treats us now I can smile and said.. that is my grandma.. and I am proud to show all of my friends and says my grandma rocks. If not for her, maybe I am not who I am today. She taught me well.. that old lady.. she taught us how fold the shirts, how to sweep the floor and even how to leave your laundry in the washing machine. She taught us to be a human thats the right words.. .She was eccentric, sharp-tongued and sometimes a tyrant, but she never let me forget what was really importan