Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am home!!!!

Now that I'm home I think I miss USM..
I'm BORED..wargh..one of my sister is already off this morning..
I'm disappointed that I missed her.. I've drove fast enough and still don't make it in time..
haha.. Thanks to my grandmother I have already broken all of my backbone helping her clearing all the thick dust in the cellar.. I'm pissed off that I'm arguing with my 3rd sis justnow..
I'm just joking and she doesn't have any humor bone in her body so we end up arguing..
does she need to be that emotional.. taola da breakup... nak marah2 aku knape.. saket2..


zz said...

watdefak are u guys arguing about? tell her come one, breaking up does not mean the end of the world. sumtimes sis, i juz know how she must have felt.being oversensitive a lil bit is normal. and having a very unsupportive sibling like u around turn out to be quite demotivating kot.haha.after all, i've been there.stop getting on her nerves... let her be. it is time that she needs, not ur stupid offensive jokes! (well, ble mse die clash?)

amaL ^-^ said...

along: i noe how u feel... shes really a vry emotional gul.. hehehe.. pasal bnde cmtu smpi angkat dri sbb dpt biasiswa JPA.. ya noe wat.. shed realy pissd me of to!! :)

angah: break out?? last wek kot.. acu said so.. n when acu asked about hw she break out.. she jus told acu "sape la yg nak thn ngan prangai saye ni??" see?? dye thu prangai dye cmne.. im glad to hear dat..

Zack said...

I'm glad that shes breaking up.
buut she's debreaking again..
lucky her.. who cares.. die breakup mcm mkn nasik jek..3kali shari..
kah kah kah..
no wonder I btambah sehat..mkn nasik 3kali shari