Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mom got transfered.. Maybe not the worst case scenario for me but definitely for Acu. Now she got to attend to her nieces and nephew needs too.. har har.. pity her.. Now that I am away, I cant be any help but belive me, as soon as I can take any break from the school I'll come home and be as much help as I can.. I feel guilty because thats my sisters and brother that she needs to take care of. Enough with that story and lets move on to the campus life. It has been hectic since the day I came in from the CNY holiday.. the lab reports, the labs, the assignment that Pak Tuan just assign us with. The busiest week ever but come to think of it, people works best under pressure.. absolutely NO COMPLAINT there... So much to do and so little time...got to go solat and off to the French Class.. AUr Revoir

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zz said...

mom has become single and acu has become a full-time mother! this fact is bothering me u know