Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I 'm working on my Past Tense here..

Har Har Har.. French Orale Production is in the corner.. I'm working hard this past few sem to ruin it.. I have to get A for my French paper. I actually just realize the I have never score A in this paper.. Bangang me I might say.. but I'm trying you see.. lets see my writing in french..
Hier, le jour le plus occupe. Je suis aller a classe a neuf heures du matin jusqu'a a midi. Apre, j'ai eu dejeuner avec mes amis. J'ai mes baigner. Apre ca jai achete un citron. J'ai apporte un citron a laboratoire. Je suis finit ma laboratoire a six heur precise. Apres, je suis aller a Language Faculty pour prendre mes not de francais. Et apres, j'ai eu diner avec mon amie.J'ai ecoutez a musique tan disque j'ai finit ma devoirs. Je ne dormir pas.
For those who can't read it pardon me.. I'm just a beginner. I'm trying to converse fluently but nobody here except for my French teacher can understand me.. Poor me. My brain is severely damage as we speak here. I have not rested well these past few days due to the pile of lab reports and assignment waiting to be done... Lab reports here I come..

ps: please correct my French writing if you have any idea or what so ever I have done wrong.. Thank you