Saturday, July 3, 2010

muddled brain

I still have not decided when am I going to go back to USM. Selinsing geng is going back that weekend for sure. and pingu and ain is also going to report early.. Fariq and jazey is going to take 1 week off and dan is going back on wednesday.. and me?? havent got slightlest idea when.. I want to take at least 2 days off before the new semester start. I am exhausted.. on the 11 of july there will be a kenduri back at home. the aftermath of a kenduri is hell.. I got to do the dishes, scrubbing and cleaning because everybody is going to go back to school. what a mess I am in. the thing is I really need time for myself. call me a shellegg person . I dont really care. This post is supposed to be fun and I end up ranting and raving.

p/s: After all the rants I still have not made up my mind..