Tuesday, September 22, 2009


tomorrow I am going to go "beraye sakan" with my classmate from high school.
I has been a very long time since I meet one of my bestfriends Aisyah Mokhtar..
soooooo loooooong
die menghilang
menyepi tanpe kabar..
hanging satu badan bile igt..
kalo da kawin anak brape da pon aku x tao..
nasib badan
maybe I'm not that important for her..
maybe she does'nt think of me the way I think of her..
who knows..
tomorrow we will meet..
and where the hell did I put aisya's bday present..
gotta look for it tonight..
thats all for now..
I'll be back tomorrow for the detail

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dont stay!!! Please!!!!

I want to act as if I dont care
but it happens that I do care a lot!!
why do I f**king care about him
you are not significant enough to make me care

It is plain simple
you don't deserve me that's it...
you don't deserve to have an exuberant, charming, nice ang caring friend like me
thats explain a lot
I deserve far more better friend than you!!
(smirking like a devil)

Monday, September 14, 2009


I never thought that day would come
the day you'll be gone
not that I love you that much but..
it is not the same without you by my side..
just so you know zafirah,
we'll count the same stars as yours,
although we lives in different continent..
don't be afraid of whats coming,
face it without fear
you can do it

Thursday, September 10, 2009

dear gorgodone(the name of my blog which by the way I just think of),
rambut same itam
perut lain2
I have just finished taking orders from my friend for our JUADAH BERBUKE PUASA(pening kpale)
For the 1st time in this ramadhan we were able to break our fast together(my classmate)
since we are very busy with the night class, assignment, test, quiz and everything..
our beloved Dr N just can't let us go..
our hectic life.. me n my friends
just imagine our weekdays night are full with night class
we cant even go the the tarawih prayer..
but it is worth it I think since I am strugling not to watch too much anime
this class have sucsessfully fill in all of my time that I use to watch ONE PIECE
we have to sacrifice
for the greater good!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~Konvokesyen Kememoratif~

so called President of Mymates blakon dgr speach

dgn slambenye main camera

never in my life
attend that horibly boring event
maybe that worth it
since I can see our belated Prime Minister live in USM
hua3(acu mengharapkn ade raje nazrin)
this is how it goes
1.speach by our Vice Chanselor
2.perasmian by Canselor himself
3.another speach by VC
4. Our belated PM receive his doctor title
5.yet another loooooong speach
6.ntah sape2 lg y bg speach
ok thats how it went
since there is 7 of us that attend that VSP(very special convo)
we camwhoring among ourselves on that event
for the first time in this ramadhan I actually thinking of breaking my fast before its time..
I can't take it..
today is supposed to be holiday for our campus
and yet
what the hell am I doing that I feel that my feets are killing me??
I a so exhausted..
I've been out all day long..
what the heck am I doing on a very hot day wearing black shirt?
I must be out of my mind.. (Air.. air.. is on my mind spnjang kat bandar td)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The thought of going to the industrial training haunt me.
I dont know where to choose
not that my pngk is that good that I have many offers
har har har
the thought of meeting new people and trying hard to please the
so that I PASS is scaring me
need to improve my social skill so that people don't hate me..
I hate people who hates me
for all of my Coursemate best of luck mates
may we got the best industrial training posting ever!!