Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dont stay!!! Please!!!!

I want to act as if I dont care
but it happens that I do care a lot!!
why do I f**king care about him
you are not significant enough to make me care

It is plain simple
you don't deserve me that's it...
you don't deserve to have an exuberant, charming, nice ang caring friend like me
thats explain a lot
I deserve far more better friend than you!!
(smirking like a devil)


zz said...

tell me who on earth is that him?

Zulaika said...

its you know who..
who else?

stELLa said...

kak z0ul!nk 4 low laa.,

amal said...

it's suprising to know person who want to be known as Z is actually you..

well nice blog u hava here then..

btw, thanx for visiting...