Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~Konvokesyen Kememoratif~

so called President of Mymates blakon dgr speach

dgn slambenye main camera

never in my life
attend that horibly boring event
maybe that worth it
since I can see our belated Prime Minister live in USM
hua3(acu mengharapkn ade raje nazrin)
this is how it goes
1.speach by our Vice Chanselor
2.perasmian by Canselor himself
3.another speach by VC
4. Our belated PM receive his doctor title
5.yet another loooooong speach
6.ntah sape2 lg y bg speach
ok thats how it went
since there is 7 of us that attend that VSP(very special convo)
we camwhoring among ourselves on that event


zz said...

xde raja nazrin ke? acu must have felt dissapointed ek.

Zulaika said...

aah la kot..
tp nak dissapointed wat pe..
da die bukan pi pon