Tuesday, September 22, 2009


tomorrow I am going to go "beraye sakan" with my classmate from high school.
I has been a very long time since I meet one of my bestfriends Aisyah Mokhtar..
soooooo loooooong
die menghilang
menyepi tanpe kabar..
hanging satu badan bile igt..
kalo da kawin anak brape da pon aku x tao..
nasib badan
maybe I'm not that important for her..
maybe she does'nt think of me the way I think of her..
who knows..
tomorrow we will meet..
and where the hell did I put aisya's bday present..
gotta look for it tonight..
thats all for now..
I'll be back tomorrow for the detail

1 comment:

stELLa said...

sdah follow ;)
rndu bnyk kt kak zoul ;))