Thursday, September 10, 2009

dear gorgodone(the name of my blog which by the way I just think of),
rambut same itam
perut lain2
I have just finished taking orders from my friend for our JUADAH BERBUKE PUASA(pening kpale)
For the 1st time in this ramadhan we were able to break our fast together(my classmate)
since we are very busy with the night class, assignment, test, quiz and everything..
our beloved Dr N just can't let us go..
our hectic life.. me n my friends
just imagine our weekdays night are full with night class
we cant even go the the tarawih prayer..
but it is worth it I think since I am strugling not to watch too much anime
this class have sucsessfully fill in all of my time that I use to watch ONE PIECE
we have to sacrifice
for the greater good!!!


Mr. Yen said...

pergh...dah semakin rajin mengupdate blog..truskan.. haha..tq2 cos planning buka posa skali.. next time kita plan tompat yg lagi bom amacam.. kna plan awal2 la..

zz said...

looking forward 2 c ya!

zz said...

dear gorgonite...blablabla...(mocking u-know-who,ngeh3)