Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girls tend to...

... fight for a man
mood swing for tiny matter
jealous for nothing
enjoy the feeling of being chased
keep man hanging half way
lie for pride
proud for little things
act innocent & naive
brag all time
gossip big time
screw up friendship because of man

We girl are many things.. (kikiki)


abah with granny and mom, acu n mama

never in my life I imagine this thing could happen.. things that you think cant happen to you.. out of your control.. it happens so fast that I cant believe it.. I cry my heart out when I first hear the news with teary eyes I drove home which takes me 8hours to arrive I miss the funeral but luckily I can be with the family until the kenduri tahlil is done.. Al fatihah buat abah.. He has gone to rahmahtullah bak kate my granny.. moge ditempatkan dengan golongan org beriman.. buat Zafirah.. sabar.. ni semua dugaan duduk jauh.. study smart dear.. you will be fine..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its been so looooooooong

this pic is from last eid actually

this one is after sembahyang raya

sisters for life

friends from highschool

eid 2009 without Zafirah

eid 2009 it has been 2weeks since I can have decent acces on the internet.. so long indeed with all of the last minutes assignment and presentation I might go crazy without being able to surf the internet.. and whos to blame? the hackers and internet manipulators or the PPKT(Pusat Pentadbiran Komunikasi & Teknologi) for taking action against them ? We, the innocent one suffer because of them.. No job could be done without the internet.. never realise that internet can be d****d important!! right now I'm in the computer lab surfing the internet although I should be doing computer lab practice.. I'm going to upload the eid pic since I dont have time to do so in the past few weeks.. so.. feast your eyes guys