Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Totally random

Been busy. I know.. I know... Lame excuse.. Just too lazy to sit on my butt except for watching movies. Well then. This post is all about me and my friend shopping for eid. Since the eid sale has already started, we decided to spend a day in Penang to shop our heart out. I haven't been this ecstatic for a very long time (I have mention that I'm super busy right?). We drop at Megamall Penang before continue our SHOpping Quest in Queensbay Mall because Dunt have to buy a charger for his new phone (I'm green with envy..been dreaming to have a touch-pad phone since forever). After we girls have finish giggling and mooning over a very gorgeous shawl. We decided to buy not one but 4shawl altogether (GIRLS!!). After the boys finish their so called business they have to beg us to stop and proceed to our planned trip. Then, we go to the bus station because somebody have to buy JEruk for his family, and he bought rm30 worth of jeruk. Yes.. thats right., insane.. Deela, Mat Yus and ME are having fun in the car singing our lung out while waiting for the jeruk guy to satisfied with his jeruk shopping spree. And finally, we take our cruise(actually an old ferry..dont want to stain my memories) to go to the Queensbay Mall. Heaven falls here. We arrive at Queensbay just in time to break our fast. Mat yus paid for our dorayaki and we go to the stairs to break our fast. We have to save our stomach for sushi later not that we are dieting or something. The sushi king restaurant is crowded with Chinese and Indian. We are the only muslim there. I dont give a damn. I am too hungry and this thing dont bother me. Its halal! the onl thing that matter kan? har har har.. so, after the good money are spent on the food. We head to the clothes level and go nuts. We ended that night with some little action at the themepark that resides nearby the Queensbay. We enjoyed riding the marry go round(kidding), the bumper car and ferris wheel. Yul wants to try the top gun but we prohibit her cause the ride is too dangerous. You will have liver failure once you try that ride. I love her to much to let that happen to her. Deela is also mad with desire to ride on the flying chair. Me and Dunt? We are too delicate for that horror ride. We love ourselves too much. Mat Yus just follow our lead. Obedient man, he is. These are some pictures I snap during the trip. Feast your eyes!!

our very 1st ferry ride

alas perut kot

sushi and shopping.. love to have those again soon...

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