Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Most people used their blog to express their deepest darkest heartfelt moment using the most f*&%up language that they can ever think of. I am that most people. I don't usually running around cursing every little thing that I could think of but I am at my limit. The stress that build in inside of my liver has finally refuse to stay in any longer. I need to laugh or yell or whatever it takes to make myself a human again. I really need to pass this semester. I want to graduate with all of them. Can't afford to do any mistake. Its torturing me inside. God help me. The list of assignment that we have already submit and will be submitted

1. Sustainable Development in Recyclin
2. Sustainability in Gold Processing Industry
3. Zircon
4. Mini Project of Limestone Quarry
5. Mine and Plan Design
6. Fluids Mechanic
7. FYP Proposal

and many more that I could not think of...

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Anak Pak Muin said...

i of one piece eh